Changes on the Horizon

Big things are happening with PIST! We’re working on bringing new members, scheduling monthly meetings, and engaging in more investigations. We hope you will continue to follow us as we grow. As always, thank you for your support.

For details about the latest PIST exploit, a day investigation of the Natchez Trace, see our Instagram.

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Sunday Throwback

After this lazy Sunday exploring potential summer investigation locations, we’re feeling a bit nostalgic. Check out this throwback to our resident wordsmith Brian’s visit to Salem, Massachusetts back in 2016. He certainly has a way with words! We hope you all enjoy. 🙂

In the interest of full-disclosure, we did not investigate the infamous witch house in Salem, although it would be awesome if we could!

9/29/17 Update

Hi again friends,

We hope you’ve been well. It has been a while sense we last updated you, so here’s a little one now. We have arranged to investigate a private location early in November, so we’re excited for that! Details and whatnot will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, for all you paranormal investigation fans, we’ve found this article by Benjamin Radford entitled “Ghost Hunting Mistakes: Science and Pseudoscience in Ghost Investigations.” It is from 2010 and is, admittedly, outdated, but it remains an intriguing read nonetheless. Let us know your thoughts below.

Anyway, we hope you all are well, and wish us luck with our upcoming events.


Update and Eclipse Info

Hi again! We wanted to give you guys a little update. For most of our teacher-dominated crew, its been “back to school” time, so we’ve been busy with in-services, class prep, and the first few weeks of school. We’re going to work on scheduling investigations for around our school holidays, so we’ll keep you posted about that.

Also, even though it’s not paranormal, we wanted to share a little about the upcoming eclipse. 🙂 For those of you who don’t know, this Monday August 21 a total solar eclipse will move across the US, and Clarksville, TN, where some of our investigators are based, is right in the cross hairs of totality and home to multiple official NASA viewing sites! So, since many of our TN friends are planning on viewing the eclipse, we thought it was important to share some resources from NASA and Austin Peay State University in Clarksville about safe eclipse viewing. According to retired NASA astrophysicist Fred Espenak, “Fewer than 1 person in 1,000 has ever seen totality.” So, if you’re in the path of the eclipse or near it, be sure to check it out! Remember, you must wear eclipse glasses to view the solar eclipse. Regular sunglasses WILL NOT work. Eclipse glasses should meet ISO 12312-2 requirements, be free from holes and scratches, and so dark that you can’t see anything but the sun through them. If you have glasses that you suspect are fake or faulty, we encourage you to do research about the company that manufactured them and err on the side of caution by going only with NASA-approved eclipse glasses manufacturers. And for those of you who aren’t in the path or near it, you can watch the eclipse live on NASA’s website. Stay safe out there, friends, and we with PIST wish you happy eclipse viewing!

Eclipse Glasses

Mini Update

Hi again all!

Our investigation on June 10 at the Franklin County Historic Jail Museum went well, and we’d like to extend a special thanks to the Franklin County Historical Preservation Society and Bill for hosting us. We’re still reviewing evidence and will post anything we find to our “Franklin County Historic Jail Museum” page. Thanks for your continued support, and we highly recommend you pay a visit to the museum. We had a fantastic time! Don’t forget to visit our Facebook, twitter, or Instagram @pistghosthunter to stay updated.

Franklin County Historic Jail Museum

Summer Investigation Location Announcement

6/22/2017: UPDATE-Check our our page for the Franklin County Historic Jail Museum for an update on this investigation 🙂

Original Message: Hi friends! We’re announcing our first summer investigation location on our website first.

This summer, we’ll be investigating the Franklin County Historic Jail Museum in Benton, IL!  This historic jail was the site of the last public hanging in the state of Illinois of a hardened 20’s era gangster, Charlie Birger. Our investigation is private, but the museum, brought to you by the Franklin County Historic Preservation Society, is open to visitors from 10:00 am through 3:00 pm Monday through Saturday. If you’re interested, be sure to pay them a visit to see where it is we will be investigating. Feel free to visit their website for more details: .

We will certainly keep you updated as our investigation date approached, and we will also keep you in the loop of any other summer investigations we arrange. Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for your continued support of PIST!